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  • What permits should I ask for when hiring a drone operator
    All commercial drone operators will have a PFCO (permission for commercial operations) and liability insurance, both of which are renewed on an annual basis
  • Can you fly a drone anywhere
    No, we have to remain more than 50m away (this can be 50m above)from anything or anyone that isn't within our control, if we have control/permission we can fly as close as we feel is safe to do so We also have to stay below 120m and no further away than 500m
  • How long can drones fly for
    Typically our drones will fly between 20-30 mins however we have plenty of batteries!
  • Do you only do aerial filming and photography
    No, we have a plethora of other photography and video production equipment and we have done many projects that didn't require drones at all, from filming interviews to interior photography. If you would like more info please see our 1 day film shoot page
  • How does weather affect drone flights
    We can fly in suprisingly windy conditions, usaully anything up to 25mph winds. The only difficulty we have is when it rains, and even then the drones will tolerate the water long after moisture on the lens makes it pointless to fly anyway
  • How much do you charge
    Check out our day rates page
  • What cameras do you use
    All of our drones can shoot in various formats and various frame rates, some of our drones have a fixed camera and some of them have removable cameras with interchangable lenses like the excellent DJI X5s
  • Which areas do you cover
    We cover the whole of the UK
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