£370 a day.......... there that was easy

OK you'll probably be wanting some more information. This price is for me and any of my gear, yes that's right any or all of it. I don't worry about a price for this and a price for that, you pay me for a day and I will bring whatever you need from my inventory.

You see, this job is my passion and I would sooner spend my time creating incredible aerial films and photos for you rather than counting beans, don't get me wrong, I've got to earn a living so because of that there are one or two little caveats to my day rate.

1. First of all this price is for between 4 and 8hrs on site anything over that and it's £75 per hour

2. I charge 45p a mile and I'm in Stamford in Lincolnshire, this is me here click it, then click directions, type in your location, then multiply your answer by 0.9 and voila! that's how much I would like for travel costs please

3. If your location is more than 3hrs from me I may have to make a per diem (daily) charge of £70 per person

4. I can charge half a day at £300 if your job is short and/ or close enough. If you only need a couple of photos and it's 4hrs away, I'm afraid I will have to charge for a full day


6. Post production prices, I have got a ton of software and I know how to use it, if you would like me to create something wonderful for you, prices start at £50 for the first hour and £35 per hour after that

So there you go, that's me, that's what I charge, if you need to know anything else theres a million ways to contact me, hopefully I'll speak to you soon!