Hello welcome to Copter cam, we are aerial filming and photography specialists and we create stunning videos and photos all over the UK and abroad using our amazing Hexcopters with stabilised camera gimbals and various other types of camera equipment. We are BNUC-s qualified and fully insured, which means we have approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to perform aerial filming and photography under the terms of our licence. If you employ anyone to do aerial work with a radio controlled aircraft who is not BNUC-s qualified, then they are doing it outside the law and any liability insurance will be invalid.

We design, build, maintain and fly our own machines so we fully understand what our machines are capable of and we have the imagination to exploit these capabilities. These aircraft and gimbals are incredibly complex machines and they take a lot of experience and understanding to setup and fly correctly. Our in depth understanding and ability in this field provides our clients with the flexibility to achieve things like putting a camera in the air in 25mph winds with the reassurance that in the unlikely event of technical issues we can fix it on site and carry on filming, where most operators would be making an early exit.   

Our ability to keep everything in house means our prices can speak for themselves. Starting at £370 a day including operators, we can create high quality aerial and motion filming  for various applications including TV filming,  advertising, construction, surveying, weddings,  property photography, golf course fly throughs, Archaeology And a whole lot more, the sky really is the limit...